DBA Army III/78: Early Russians

Here is my most recently completed DBA army: Early Russians, III/78.  This is an Essex army pack. I haven't finished the Knight option yet, and may not paint the Horde at all.

Essex Early Russians: 3Cv(gen), 3Cv
Inspiration for shield patterns and clothing colors came primarily from Osprey titles and some creativity.  My goal was to use a variety of bold colors without looking too bright or gaudy.  I've also tried to keep trying new colors instead of getting stuck in a rut.

Essex Early Russians: 2x3Cv
The figures are quite nice. Not all Essex figures are sculpted very well, but these have nice sculpting and a good variety of poses.
Essex Early Russians: 3Cv
Unfortunately, there is a bit of hazing from CA glue on the horses from gluing the grass onto the bases.  This has cleared up a bit after I took the pictures, so I don't think it'll be a problem in the long run.
Essex Early Russians: 2x4Sp
Essex Early Russians: 2x2Ps
Essex Early Russians: 2x2LH
Essex Early Russians: 3Ax


  1. you have a very smooth style. I like it. And very well painteed shields, btw.

    1. Thanks!
      I use a combination of washes and painted on highlights, depending on what I think will work better in any particular place.